Leadership of the Church

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assistant for superintendent


EMC has episcopal structure and it belongs to the global United Methodist Church (UMC). Christian Alsted, the bishop of UMC Nordic and Baltic Episcopal Area is also the bishop for EMC. The work in EMC is lead by its superintendent Robert Tscherenkov. The body with highest legislative authority in EMC is its annual conference and EMC Church Government has executive power. EMC is one of the ten member churches in Estonian Council of Churches (ECC), being its founding member.

EMC Church Government

EMC Church Government is the executive body of EMC. It consists of eight members. Chairman of the Church Government leads its meetings, if chairman is not present, the vice-chairman does it. The task of the Church Government is to lead the work in EMC according to the decisions made by EMC annual conference. The tasks of the Church Government as a constituent body of EMC annual conference are addressing operational issues of the church life in concert with superintendent, implementing the decisions made by annual conference, organizing the work and activities of the church.

Members of EMC Church Government at current work period are:

  • Christian Alsted (ex officio)
  • Robert Tšerenkov (ex officio)
  • Urmas Sassian (main member)
  • Marjana Luist (secretary)
  • Ardi Leerima
  • Aleksandr Fjodorov
  • Ele Paju
  • Stanislav Ossipov
  • Riin Pärnamets
  • Irina Semjonova

EMC Church Government contacts:
Narva mnt 51
Tallinn 10152
tel: +372 501 2483