Aseri Methodist Church was found as a result of missionary work carried out by Jõhvi Methodist Church. Church foundation meeting was held in 1995. At first, the church activities took place at seniors’ house, then at community center and finally an old, nearly neglected building that had been the first school building in Aseri at Pargi Street was rented. After some time the building was purchased for the church.

Today weekly worship services and Bible study classes take place in this building. Children are welcome to attend Sunday school classes and camps. There is an active group of women in the church organizing various events. Every Sunday dinner is held for everyone interested.

The church anniversary as well as major church feasts, e.g. Christmas, Easter, harvest festival and St John’s day are celebrated with a big party. During summer time there is a café operating in the church’s yard. There are elderly as well as middle-aged and young people and children in Aseri Methodist Church. Aseri Methodist Church is hospitable and many people see it as a large family.


vene keel
Pargi 3
43401 Aseri
Viru-Nigula vald
Bank account
IBAN: EE552200001120250069
+372 58016168
Services and events
P 11:00 Jumalateenistus
P 12:00 Pühapäevakool
K 10:00 Piiblitund

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