Võru Methodist Church was born in 1993, when the Kask family gave a house in Võru to Estonian Methodist Church. This house was known as “gypsy’s house”. This building was adapted for church activities and about 200 people were at its consecration. Due to the opening ceremony of the church building Koit Kask, who gave this building to the church, cancelled his trip to Sweden, where he was to travel with cruise ferry MS Estonia that sank on this trip.

By now, the church has also built a modern extension to the original building. As for activities, there have been an art studio, fellowship group Kõnõlõ minoga (Talk to me in Võro language), mothers’ and babies’ group and a charitable organization called Võru Ühisabi (Võru Joint Assistance). Võru Methodist Church is arranging the work of Võru Food Bank and during summer, in cooperation with Võru Social Welfare Department, it organizes catering for children from low-income families. There is a Bible study course, Healing Room and weekly prayer meetings in the church.

As for traditional events, there is celebrating the anniversary of the church in October and the church’s Christmas lunch.

Võru Methodist Church is characterized by its strong cooperation with local municipality and the other Christian churches in Võru.


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65609 Võru
Võru maakond
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IBAN: EE501010402016691004
+372 5622 3203
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