Pärnu Agape Methodist Church was established in 1921. During the first decades of its existence, the church changed its location every now and then. In 1940 Soviet authorities confiscated premises the church were using for its activities. The church continued gathering in Seventh-Day Adventist Church’s premises. At the beginning of 1980s, negotiations began for building a new church. Regular worship services in a building still partly under construction began in 1995, when the church hall was consecrated.

Agape church is a valued place for ecumenical events. For the wider public, the church is known as the organizer of Christian leadership conferences. Agape church is an open-minded and active church with creative thoughts. The center of church life is its weekly worship service on Sunday. Whole family is welcome to attend the worship service – young as well as old people, children, church members as well as those who are just interested ones. This is a special time together with God and fellow Christians. Methodist worship service is both contemporary and at the same time has certain discipline. There is a short message for children at every worship service. Parents of small children can follow the service from children’s room through glass wall and loudspeaker while their children are playing in the room. Once a month on Saturday children are welcome to attend children’s church, where they hear a Bible story, sing and play together and do crafts. The program lasts for two hours and there is a common meal in the end. In July, there are children programs, similar to children’s city camps, where there are lot of interesting activities for children of all ages.

Young people gather twice a month to have discussions concerning God and their own life in a form appropriate to youth. There are also snacks, an enjoyable being together, music and games. Girls at the age of 10-12 have their own gathering.

There are reasons for everyone of any age to go to Agape Methodist Church. There are:

  • Confirmation classes for those who are still getting to know about the truths of Christianity;
  • Bible study classes for those who are willing to deepen their knowledge about eternal wisdom;
  • Prayer meetings, where those in need are prayed for;
  • Music work: there is a mixed choir and a worship choir as well as various musical collectives in the church to enrich worship services with their music;
  • concerts, exhibitions, seminars, trainings, conferences, etc.


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