Viitka Methodist church was found as a result of missionary work carried out by Võru Methodist Church. At first, the congregation gathered at a garage that belongs to Aita Tiigi, a church member. Now the church has bought and renovated former kolkhoz office that belonged to Vastseliina municipality. There are better facilities for holding worship services.

There are Bible study and prayer meetings, and Sunday worship services in Viitka Methodist Church. Every Sunday after the service there is church’s coffee where everyone is welcome. Members of the church are eager to learn: they are frequent participants in seminars and training days. Often there are visitors in the church, from Estonia as well as from abroad: missionaries, musicians, pastors, guest preachers and other guests have visited the church.

It has become a tradition for Viitka Methodist Church to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, St John’s Day, the anniversary of the church and Christmas together. During the season of Advent, Christmas decorations are made together. After Christmas worship service the congregation visits “Christmas land”, where there is also nativity scene with Jesus in manger set up at a church member’s home. Every year the church tries to organize a small trip to nature for the church members and their friends. Church members visit old people of the area to help them.

The church is like a family – small but close-knit. Different generations are involved in church work: there is a 2-year old child as well as 84-year old elderly regularly attending the church. Currently there is no pastor in the church, but with the help of Kaupo Kant, who is the pastor of Võru Methodist Church, Viitka Methodist Church is able to function independently.


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Võru maakond
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+372 5805 3432
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