New Beginning Church is a Russian church, where there are children as well as young people, adults and seniors. During worship services on Sundays, there are also Sunday school classes for the children. There are many home groups in the church for young as well as older people. From time to time, there are Alpha courses and confirmation classes in the church. Every Monday to Friday, there are prayer meetings in the early morning. In cooperation with other churches, Awakening worship evenings are organized. For the men, there are sauna evenings twice a month.

A special celebration takes place in the church when there is Easter, harvest festival, and the anniversaries of the church and rehabilitation center. Every now and then small trips to nature are organized for the congregation. Often there are guest preachers visiting New Beginning Church.

New Beginning Church pays special attention to the old and needy, and to the addicts. Members of the church visit old people at Iru nursing home. The church cooperates with the Social Center of Bethel Lutheran Church that helps children from needy families. Once a week, food is distributed at Central market and gospel is proclaimed to the homeless and addicts. Members of the church have established rehabilitation centers for alcohol and drug addicts.


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