Spheres of Work and Subdivisions

Methodist Church wants to be a bridge builder between human being and God by proclaiming faith, hope, love and salvation, so that we could contribute with our words and deeds, serving society by helping to alleviate physical, emotional and spiritual problems in it.

EMC works with children, including children from low-income families and children with disabilities; is involved in rehabilitation of alcohol addicts and substance abusers, and serves in chaplain ministry in prisons, Estonian Defence Forces and Estonian Defence League. Methodist congregations are involved in distributing food and clothes for families in need and offer pastoral counselling.

Besides social work activities, there are subdivisions in EMC that work in other areas as well: there is a camp centre; an institution providing higher education in theology, committee working on publishing literature, a Christian bookstore and many other. Our work is driven by the conviction that every man, woman and child is dear in the eyes of God and deserves love, attention and care.

Spheres of work and subdivisions in EMC are:

  • Children’s center Tähetorn (Lighthouse) in Tallinn for children who are from low-income families
  • Supported living home Päikesekiir (Sunbeam) in Jõhvi for children with disabilities
  • Children’s events are organized and children’s spiritual development is supported by children’s work committee (for Estonian-speaking children), Generation2 (for Russian-speaking children) and Sunday schools in churches
  • Youth events are organized and spiritual development of youth is supported by youth committee (Estonian-speaking youth), Generation2 (Russian-speaking youth) and youth groups in churches
  • Camp center Gideon close to Aa beach in North-East Estonia
  • Rehabilitation centers for alcohol addicts and substance abusers – Philanthropic Foundation Taastõusmine (Rising Again)
  • Chaplain ministry – Methodist clergy working as chaplains in prisons, Estonian Defence Forces and Estonian Defence League
  • An institution providing higher education in theology: Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary in Tallinn
  • Aldersgate Renewal Ministry coordinating prayer ministry and organizing relevant seminars
  • Women’s Association coordinating women’s ministry
  • Mission secretary coordinating missionary work
  • Publication activities through which Christian literature and periodicals – Päevasõna (The Upper Room) and Koduteel (The Way Home) – are published
  • Christian bookstore Logos