Sakussaare Methodist Church is a home church that gathers at pastor’s home. Because of people from different age groups attending the church and their close mutual contacts, and friendly, caring and mutually supporting atmosphere this church is like a family.

The church is actively supporting missionary work by participating in mission trips, and supporting Israel and helping Jews. Neither are neglected the members of their own local community – the church is helping elderly and low-income families offering them food, clothes and other practical help.

It has become a tradition for the church to organize open-air worship services in summer, participate in sports competitions of the community, celebrate church anniversaries and together with the community celebrate St John’s Day.

Methodists started their work in Sakussaare in 1997 as a branch of Tapa Methodist Church. There started Sunday school work with 37 children attending it, and later it developed into youth work. The official foundation meeting of the church was in 2001.


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