Introducing Youth Board


The goal of the the Board of Youth Ministry is to develop and coordinate youth work of the church as well as to support young people in their spiritual pilgrimage.

In order to achieve the goal, the Board of Youth Ministry has organized several events during the years, i.e. youth camps in sum- mer, youth conferences in autumn, a training event for youth leaders in spring. Events have taken place in different places in Estonia.

In addition to youth ministry, the aim of the Board of Youth Ministry has also been the development of foreign relations both through the UMC Northern Europe Youth Council and the European Methodist Youth Council. As a result of these contacts seve­- ral young people have had the chance to participate at the North Carolina (USA) and Northern Europe Methodist Youth Exchange Programme Caravan.

The Board of Youth Ministry is also rep- resented in the Youth Council of Estonian Churches that plans and organizes all-Esto- nian ecumenical youth events.

The Board of Youth Ministry considers it important to continue with summer camps and youth conferences, especially having in mind teenagers as the target-group. The trainings of youth leaders are also carried on in order to equip and encourage young people for youth ministry in their local congrega- tions.

One of the aims of the Board of Youth Ministry is to find possibilities for employing a full-time youth work coordinator. Up to this day Estonian youth work coordinators have been volunteers who have done it in addition to their work and/or studies. The chairmen of the board over the years, include: Üllas Tank­ ler, Taavi Hollman, Andreas Rahuvarm, Teet Rehepapp, Thea Kant, Rein Laaneser, Marjana Luist, Grete Lepa.

In 2006–2007 there are six members in the Board of Youth Ministry from all over Estonia: Marjana Luist, Ats Lahi, Lauri Tankler, Merlin Metsla, Kätrin Põllu and Grete Lepa (chairperson).