The Board of Missions of the UMC in Estonia was established after Estonia regained its independence. Over the years the most active people in missions have been Mari Kerde and Evelina Soe who have worked in Norway through the organization Youth With a Mission. Julia Kalashnikova spent several years serving as missionary in Kerch, Ukraine, and her mother Irina Kalashnikova together with several Seminary students went down to Kerch for a summer mission. Together with the students of the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary, the Board of Missions of the UMC in Estonia started short-term mission trips to the Finno-Ugric indigenous nations inside of Russia. Methodist members of the mission teams include Ardo Pärna, Joel Aulis, Kaja Rüütel, Ljudmilla Voltšihhina, Mark Nelson and Taavi Hollman (Tallinn), Andrus Kask (Räpina), Julia Kravets (Jõhvi), Sergei Shingel and Vitali Baranov (Kunda).

Since 2005 the members of the Board of Missions are Kaupo Kant (chairman), Kaja Rüütel, Ljudmilla Voltshihhina, Mari Kerde, Mark Nelson.

The priorities of the Board of Missions of the UMC in Estonia are foreign mission (primarily among the Finno-Ugric indigenous nations in Russia); inner mission (new initiatives and evangelistic activities in society) as well as missions and evangelism training (mission days, seminars, forwarding of missions related information to the congregations).

The biggest initiative of the recent years has been the launching and conducting of the Summer Conference of the UMC in Estonia. In 2005 the conference topic was Jesus Christ, the Way, Truth and Life; in 2006 Be Perfect! and in 2007 Go Forward! The pro­ject Share the Christmas Joy, saw Christmas packages being prepared upon the initiative 151of the Board of Missions for the children of Setomaa, a region at the Russian border in the south-eastern part of Estonia, south and south-west from Lake Pihkva.

In cooperation with the Estonian Evangelical Alliance, the Board of Missions of the UMC in Estonia is also involved in the joint project A Time for Kindred Nations together with the Estonian Bible Society, the Lutheran Mission Center and the Swedish mission organization Ljus i Öster. The aim of joint project is to encourage all Estonian Christians of all denominations to take up their responsi­bility in missions to the Finno-Ugric indi­genous nations in Russia. The leadership team of the Time for Kindred Nations pro­ject includes two Estonian Methodists, Mark Nelson and Kaja Rüütel.

The Board of Missions belongs to the Board of Missions of the UM Nordic and Baltic Area.