Camp Gideon is located in a naturally beau­tiful place in the Lüganuse County, on Aa beach. Before World War II a casino for bor­der guard officers was housed there, later it became a holiday centre that belonged to the chemical industry. During World War II Ger­man military subunits were located in the village of Aa. Due to the naturally suitable conditions they wanted to build a harbour for small motorboats with the help of Soviet prisoners of war, but the idea was never car­ried out. Since 1946 the beach area of Aa has been for children. During the Soviet times a Young Pioneer camp was set up there. The Camp at Aa was built in several stages and now consists of 15 buildings that can accom­modate up to 400 people.

During the summers of 1993 and 1994 the Camp at Aa was used by Christians of the UMC in Estonia. The Board of Eesti Põlevkivi (Estonian Oil Shale) understood the impor­tance of children work and suggested that the UMC in Estonia purchase the Camp site.

Thanks to the assistance of American friends, the Asbury UMC in Tulsa, Oklaho­ma was approached, and with their help the Camp was purchased. The contract of pur­chase and sale was signed by Superintendent of the UMC in Estonia Olav Pärnamets and Director General of the Eesti Põlevkivi Väino Viilup on 15 March 1995. By the decision of the Church Board Artur Põld was appointed Director of the Camp Gideon on the same day and he has continued as manager of the Camp until the present day.

From the very beginning American friends have supported the Camp both spiri­tually and financially. Every summer several groups of volunteers from the United States arrive at the Camp to help repair the time-worn buildings and organize children pro­grammes. Over the years Camp Gideon has expanded a lot and is also internationally recognized, being known in Latvia, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Germany. Thanks to the ministry at the Camp, Sunday school minis­try has expanded in the surrounding towns, as well. Together with the guests of the Camp several mission events have been organized, also family camps, Walks to Emmaus, Sum­mer Conference of the UMC in Estonia, just to name a few of the many events.

There are plans to expand the Camp site, to finish the construction of the coastal area and to renovate the buildings. Camp Gideon includes a total of 24.75 ha (61 acres) of land, and all kind of help is welcome for its expan­sion.