The ministry at the Võru congregation has a special beginning. In September 1993 superintendent Olav Pärnamets, pastors Kaupo Kant and Olavi Ilumets met with the family Kask and some other Christians in Võru. Koit and Viive Kask invited them to look at a half-finished house in the town of Võru that was known as a “gipsy house” and expressed the wish to present the house to the UMC in Estonia, so that a Methodist congregation could start its ministry there.

The building was consecrat­ed on 2 October 1994 in the framework of the meeting of the World Methodist Coun­cil Executive Committee. About 200 people gathered in the private house that was adapted to a sanctuary. The bishop of South Africa said prophetic words, “No one can close what God has opened”. It happened some days after the shipwreck of the passanger ferry MS Es­tonia and for the first time the building served also as a life-boat. Namely the donators had been invited to the tragic ferry journey, but because of the open­ing ceremony of the church building they did not go.

Worship services started to take place every Sunday. During the first years the Võru church operated as a branch of the Ruusmäe con­gregation, later it was regis­tered as a separate church. The family Palo from Raiste was the first to join the con­gregation in spring 1995. And in spring 1995 children work was started under the leadership of Agnes, Ele and Lea Palo.

In 1997 two Christian orga­nizations were founded by the initiative of the mem­bers of the Võru congrega­tion: non-profit organiza­tion Art Studio Krisepto and non-profit organization Võru Ühisabi. In 1998 regular youth work started under the leadership of Lea Palo and music ministry under the direction of Thea Kant.

In 1999, at the 5th anniver­sary of the congregation, the ground floor of the building was consecrated. In December 2003 the board of the Võru congregation made the decision to start with the extension. In 2006 the detailed plan of the extension of the Võru church was adopted and the reconstruction project was drawn up.

The Võru congregation ministers at the Special Care Department of the Võru Hospital. In addition to Bible study groups the church has also a fellowship group „Kõnõlõ minoga“ for elderly people, a group for mothers and babies, men’s union and women’s union as well as ministry for families. In summer 2003 regular mission work started at Varstu and Tabivere.

The connecting congrega­tion of the Võru church is the Montgomery First United Methodist Church in Alabama.


  1. Kaupo Kant 1994–2000
  2. Ele Palo (Paju) 1999–2000
  3. Vladek Manninen 2000–2002
  4. Ele Paju 2002–2005
  5. Ove Palo (youth pastor) 2005–2006
  6. Ele Paju 2005-2010
  7. Kaupo Kant since 2003