The founding of the Sillamäe congregation was a result of the mission work of the Russian speaking members of the Jõhvi church. In 1986 brothers Nikolai Ivannik and Vladi­mir Beregovoi started to visit their relatives at Sillamäe. Several people accepted the Lord, were baptized and started to visit the Russian speaking ministry at the Jõhvi congregation. The same happened also at the village of Sirgala, where worship services were held in the rooms of a kindergarten.

Soon the new-born Christians together with Vladimir Beregovoi started to visit the retirement home in Sillamäe, where services were held on Saturdays. In a while people started to use the rooms at 41, Ranna Street. When it came to the point to start with regular Sunday services in Sillamäe, the rooms of the former housing authority were first rented at 3, Ossipenko (later Veski) Street. Sunday services were held there at 5 p.m. and for Sunday morning services people went to Jõhvi. During seven years rooms were rented also at 12, Majakovski Street and at 39a, Viru Street.

The foundation meeting of the Sillamäe congregation was held on 2 July 2001 and Vladimir Salkov became pastor of the church. By the support of the connecting congregation, the former building of the rural credit bank was purchased at 31a Ranna Street in September 2003 that was adapted for worship services. The congregation has Sunday school and a children’s singing group.

The connecting congregation of the Sillamäe church is the Havre de Grace United Methodist Church in Maryland.


  1. Vladimir Salkov 2001–2003
  2. Vladimir Beregovoi since 2003