The Methodist revival started in June 1907 and spread from the town of Kuressaare into the villages of Saaremaa. In 1910 the lay preacher Martin Prikask evangelized mainly in the countryside whereas Vassili Täht preached in town. In 1910 at the Finnish Annual Conference held in Mikkeli, Finland, Vassili Täht was officially assigned to Kuressaare as the first Estonian preacher.

God blessed the work of the brothers on Saaremaa and as a result, the first branch of the Kuressaare congregation was set up at Reeküla on 25 July 1910. The mother church of Kuressaare was formally established a bit later (26 August 1910), however the actual work in Kuressaare started already in autumn 1908, when the Lord’s Supper was administered in a private apartment. The Reeküla congregation remained a branch of the Kuressaare church for a long time and it is not even mentioned in the lists of M. E. congregations in Estonia of 1935 and 1940.

Until 1935 the ministry at Reeküla was mainly carried out with the help of the brothers from Kuressaare.
Superintendent Martin Prikask and secretary of inner mission Hendrik Ruus laid the cornerstone for the wooden church of Reeküla only on 21 October 1934 and the building was consecrated on 20 October 1935.

Several fathers and sons have pastored the Reeküla congregation. The work of Aleksander Kunstimees was carried on by his son Herni who is with the Lord now, and Johannes Seppel handed the ministry over to his son Heino, who pastors the congregation today.

The friends from the United States have been active supporters of the Reeküla congregation: the couple Harold and Caroline Schmul from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ralph Bradley from Tennessee and the Destin United Methodist Church in Florida.


  1. Aleksander Kunstimees 1935–1938
  2. Johannes Seppel 1938–1941
  3. Aleksander Kunstimees 1941–1946
  4. Johannes Seppel 1946–1994
  5. Herni Kunstimees 1994–2001
  6. Heino Seppel since 2001