Since 1921, during the pe­riod of four years, the Pärnu congregation held worship services in a building lo­cated at the corner of Karja Street and Possieti Street, for the next five years the church met in a building at the corner of Suur-Veski Street and Liiva Street.

In 1930–1940 the congrega­tion used a room at 14 Riia Road. The Soviet authorities confiscated the building in 1940. In 1947 the town autho-rities gave permission to the church to use the sanctuary of the Seventh Day Adven­tist congregation at 3 Karja Street for worship services.

During the Soviet times the ministry of pastor Laas Helde was a big blessing for the congregation. He was able to win the hearts of young people and supported their brave initiatives. Many young people came to faith in 1967–1983, so that the congregation started to grow despite the counter activities of the Soviet authorities.

In 1987, under pastor Üllas Tankler’s leadership, nego­tiations started for building their own church. On 8 June 1992 the opening ceremony of the construction took place in Männi Street. The church building was consecrated on 17 December 1995. Üllas Tankler has pastored the congregation for the longest time period (1983–2005), he works now at the New York headquarters as executive secretary for Europe and Northern Africa Area of the General Board of Global Ministries. The Pärnu congregation has become known to the public through Christian leader­ship conferences organized at the Agape Center.

The connecting congrega­tion of the Pärnu church is the Asbury United Metho-dist Church in Tulsa, Okla­homa.


  1. Karl Kuum 1921–1924
  2. Voldemar Ojasson 1924–1925
  3. Eduard Raud 1924–1930
  4. Jaan Puskay 1930–1938 (1936 also in Viljandi)
  5. Ferdinand Tombo 1938
  6. August Parkja 1938
  7. Eduard Raud 1938–1941
  8. Ferdinand Tombo 1941–1960
  9. Voldemar Ritsbek 1960–1965
  10. Heino Veensalu 1965–1967
  11. Johannes Roosnurm (pastors dep.) 1967
  12. Laas Helde 1967–1968
  13. Johannes Truu 1968
  14. Laas Helde 1968–1983
  15. Üllas Tankler 1983–2005
  16. Tõnu Kuusemaa (pastors dep.) 1988–1991
  17. Tõnu Kuusemaa (assistant pastor) 1991–1997
  18. Tõnu Kuusemaa since 1997
  19. Maire Ivanova (youth pastor) 2001–2005
  20. Maire Ivanova (part-time pastor) 2005–2012