At first the Kunda ministry setting was called Port-Kunda. The congregation was founded in Kunda on 23 May 1925 and its first pastor was Alfred Tõns. In 1928 the members of Port-Kunda joined the Rakvere congregation and brother Tõns went to Saaremaa. The home of sister Marie Luusenberg became a center for believers for a while, people from the distance of many kilometers gathered there to listen to preachers who stayed at her place.

On 30 January 1994 the worship service of the reinauguration of the Kunda congregation took place. On 13 February superintendent Olav Pärnamets appointed Vladimir Beregovoi, deacon of the Jõhvi congregation, to be pastor of the Kunda congregation. Since that time the church has had Russian speaking ministry. The congregation has used different rooms for church services but on 19 March 2006 superintendent Taavi Hollman consecrated the new sanctuary of Kunda at 8, Jaama Street.

The connecting congregation of the Kunda church is the Bradley Epworth United Methodist Church in Peoria, Illinois.


  1. Alfred Tõns 1925-1928
  2. Vladimir Beregovoi 1994-2004
  3. Andrei Spiridenko since 2004