The Aseri congregation has grown out of the mission work carried out by the Jõhvi congregation. The foundation meeting of the congregation took place on 12 July 1995. Vladimir Salkov, who had led the Russian speaking ministry in Jõhvi, started to conduct worship services first in the retirement home of Aseri, then at the Community Cultural Center and finally an old, almost a deserted house was rented in Pargi Street. Thanks to friends a supporter was found from the Morristown First United Methodist Church with whose help the house was purchased for the congregation in 2001. The repairs of the building were supported by brother Lee Parkinson from the United States. In 1906 a school was operating in the same house and a hundred years later, in 2006, the representatives of the congregation attended the festive anniversary of the school. In its own way the house is like a symbol of continuity of the cultural life at Aseri.